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  • Alkaline Water Machine
  • Alkaline Water Machine
Alkaline Water MachineAlkaline Water Machine

Alkaline Water Machine

  • Alkaline Water Machine
  • Product description:


Akalinity 4:
Eliminate the fishy smell of meat and fish; accelerate the process of soup-making; keep vegetable leaves fresh during cooking

Alkalinity 3 :

Nice to drink for long time; fresh and sweet taste; high dissolution and penetrability activate internal metabolism.

Alkalinity 2:

Delicious and fragrant rice and also not easy to turn bad in cooking; remove acerbity in tea-making; having delicate and fragrant taste in coffee-making.

Alkalinity 1:

Best to drink the water in this state from the very beginning and gradually come to the stage of daily drink due to different personal adaptations.

Pure water: PH7 Better to use purified water to have milk and take medicine.

Acidity 1:

Astringent effect in washing face to reach the function of cosmetology.

Acidity 2:

Sterilization and disinfection in cleansing the kitchenware; eliminate the residual agricultural chemicals from fruits and vegetable if soaking them in acid ionic water.

Technical parameters and specifications

Power Supply

AC220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz

Electrolysis power range

10 ~ 80W

Standby power


Heating power

2000W ± 10%

Input water pressure

0.1 ~ 0.3MPa

Working water TDS range

50 ~ 1200

Working flow rate range

1.0 ~ 4.0L/min

Strong ability to work for electrolysis


Total processing power


Use water temperature for continuous working

5℃ ~ 40℃



Machine size

Height 160mm x Width 280mm x Depth 300mm





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