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Digital Thermometer

  • Digital Thermometer
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Digital Thermometer
Digital ThermometerDigital ThermometerDigital ThermometerDigital ThermometerDigital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer

China Factory offer Infrared Gun Thermal Scanner Non contact infrared IR digital thermometer in stock now


Main Features:

- RK4001A gun thermometer
- Infrared detecting technology, non-contact, safer and healthier

- backlit LCD display with function indicators
- Auto power-off after 20 seconds idle time, energy saving and environmental protection
- Temperature unit conversion function - ℃ / ℉
- 1 second rapid measurement
- Powered by 2 x 2 AA battery 
- With buzzer on / off function and the alarm point is settable
- Automatically remember the latest 64 groups measurement data
- Perfect for your families, especially for your kids


- Measurement Mode: Talking body and objest temperature
-Body temperature mode: 32 - 42.9 ℃ (89.6 to 109.2 ℉)
-Object temperature mode: 0 - 100 ℃(33.8 to 212.0 ℉)
- Measuring time: 1 second
- Sensing distance: 1-5cm
- Display accuracy: ±0.2℃/±0.4℉
-Automatic Power off: 20seconds


Product usage: 

Body temperature measurement: To accurately measure body temperature, alternatives to traditional mercury thermometer. Skin temperature measurement:Measurement of body surface temperature of the skin,such as can be used in replantation of servered limb operation when the need to measure the surface temperature of the skin.


The object temperature measurement: Measuring surface temperature of the object, such as measurement of the temperature of the cup appearance.                                                


Liquid temperature measurement: Measuring the temperature of the liquid, such as the bathwater’s temperature of a baby,the temperature inside the battle of milk and so on.





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