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  • 2020 Terahertz Ablation Therapy Device
  • 2020 Terahertz Ablation Therapy Device
  • 2020 Terahertz Ablation Therapy Device
  • 2020 Terahertz Ablation Therapy Device
2020 Terahertz Ablation Therapy Device2020 Terahertz Ablation Therapy Device2020 Terahertz Ablation Therapy Device2020 Terahertz Ablation Therapy Device

2020 Terahertz Ablation Therapy Device

  • Terahertz Ablation Electromagnetic Wave Therapy Device
  • Terahertz Ablation Device
  • Terahertz Ablation Instrument
  • Product description:

New invention Terahertz ablation instrument electromagnetic wave therapy instrument for sub-health rehabilitation

Product Overview

Tera Hertz Ablation Device refers to the energy generated by the device through the intelligent resonance cavity, by the rotation of gravitational waves to the human body local tissue.

Due to the output of Tera Hertz rotating vibration waves up to hundreds of millions of times per second, Tera Hertz energy can be directly penetrated into the tissue's interior, causing various cells in the tissue to rotate and oscillate at high speed, and the tissue capillaries in the ablation area can be rapidly expanded to the maximum in the first time. The human cells rotate together with the Tera Hertz energy rotation vibration waves and produce resonance and rotation between cells, and different degrees of resistance and friction between cells form the ideal thermal effect in local tissues.

Terahertz (THz) wave:
The frequency range is 0.1THz-10THz, and the wavelength range is 0.03-3mm, which is between microwave and infrared. One nanoliter (one billionth of a liter) of water is heated to 600 degrees Celsius in half a picosecond (one picosecond is one trillionth of a second).

Treatment Principles:

1. Permeability: direct access to deep cell tissues of the human body.
The light wave of the terahertz ablation instrument can penetrate into the skin for 20-30cm, penetrate into human organs and tissues, repair damaged cells, and activate dormant cells. The terahertz energy wave vibrates 100 million times per second and resonates at the same frequency as biological macromolecules to repair the human body's microcirculation obstacles and activate the body's self-healing power.

2. Invisible state: No direct contact with human body is required.
The terahertz ablation instrument does not need to be in direct contact with the human body, even if it is separated from clothing, wooden boards, walls and other barriers, the energy of the terahertz light wave can be penetrated instantaneously, and it can be quickly transmitted and resonant to the human body.


> Unblock the body meridians

> Warm palace

> Relieve body pain

> Deep detoxification

> Regulate autonomic nerves and improve joint pain

For Skeletal System:

It has a good repair effect on bone fragility, joint pain, gout, rheumatism, etc.

For Digestive System:

Strengthen the gastrointestinal function, accelerate the decomposition of digestive enzymes, increase appetite, chronic stomach disease has a good therapeutic effect.

For Blood System:

Strengthen the hematopoietic function of bones, promote stem cells, and then generate a large number of red blood cells and white blood cells.

For Muscular System:

Strengthen activated cells, improve cell vitality, enhance cell metabolism, promote blood flow, and enhance muscle elasticity.


It can be used safely with simple installation.

Physical, non-contact, non-ionizing, adjustable temperature, safe to use.

Time-ability, excellent thermal and biological effects.

Safety, over-temperature, over-flow prevention and control design.

Movable stand base is optional accessory if need.




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