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About us

Founded in 1998, Yuanguang Ruikang Group is a “National High and New Tech Enterprise” that integrates research and development, production, sales and service of household health products. Especially, we are the earliest one in China developing and producing high potential therapy devices and export to Japan. The group adopts “the Internet health plus” mode and is committed to creating a healthy ecosystem within the industry. It engages in combining the ideas of scientific health management, professional product service system and innovation medical mode with the public need in order to provide professional and effective health solutions for the public. 

The group is headquartered in Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone. With its overseas division in Utah, USA. The group has five subsidiary corporations-Yuanguang Ruikang Technology, Jiarikang Science, (Sino-American Joint Venture)Renyi Interconnected Science, (Sino-American Joint Venture) I2U Biology. Ruizhikang health Science and a medical science research institute. The group has three core business modules: Yuanguang Ruikang medical health product series, Renyi Interconnected Accurate Medical Treatment and the Holographic Health Risk Evaluation and Repair system. 

We are the very first manufacturer of electric high potential therapy machines in China who obtained China Registration Certificate For Medical Device since 2004. Besides, we have a solid cooperation with our Japan partners and our mutial brand in Japan Dr Wasei. We're dedicated to provide professional and effective health solutions for the public. All across China mainland we have 600+ Demo Therapy Wellness Centers since 1998. 

We have established a sound modern enterprise management system and attained ISO9001 international quality management system certification as well as ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification.

Our products are always ranked as the first-class high quality in China, so far we have many distributors and agents from Asian market. We sincerely hope to cooperate with all Dealers & Disrtibutors who interested in the health industry to provide better health solutions for people in the whole world.

Why choose us?

1. The very 1st manufacturer of high electric potential therapy machines who obtained China Registration License of Medical Device.
in 2004.

2. The earliest one in China manufacturing high potential therapy devices with export to Japan market in superb quality, brand in JAPAN Dr Wasei.

3. We have cooperated with Blue Western Skies in US, 日本と株式会社 in Japan for mutual technology development.

4. Products come with clinical trial test approved in Renming Hospital of Wuhan University, Liyuan Hospital of Tongji Medical Colleague of Huazhong University of Science & Technology, both are authoritative are National Level 3 Grade Hospitals in China.

5. 9 patents and 6 software copyrights approved in China.






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